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Kathlyn Hossack

Integrative Movement & Katmah Training
Owner/Athletic Therapist
Winnipeg, MB
In 2015 I graduated with my BSc. in Kinesiology, and soon after that certified nationally as an Athletic Therapist. Having been an athlete most of my life I was drawn to a career in health where I was able to use the power of movement to improve human health in all it's facets. Through University and the early parts of my career I've had the opportunities to work with all types of people, from older adults, young athletes, those dealing with chronic health conditions (ehlers-danlos symdrome, POTS, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, etc), weekend warriors, amateur and professional level athletes. I'm also honored to have been a part of the medical team for events such as the Morris Stampede, MB Winter Games, The Scotties, the Manitoba Hunter Jumper Assoc. and numerous other local sporting events. I am also the head athletic therapist for Murdoch McKay's Clansmen Football, and am proud to be in my fourth season with them. I work closely with equestrian athletes as well, having rode competitively for much of my life. In the clinic my practice is focused on the whole body. There is no cookie cutter approach to rehabilitation, training, or health- and every person is different. Pain is the result of something not working properly, but the location of pain is rarely the answer. My passion is helping people rebuild their movement and their health, regardless of what their goals entail. I strive on meeting each client or patient exactly where they're at and helping them empower their health and wellness.