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Ash Bourgeois

Ash Bourgeois is a yoga teacher, coach and meditation guide. She is a prairie girl living in Winnipeg with her sweet puppy, Mojo. Whether it’s through a yoga practice, a meditation, going for a paddle or a conversation about vision and goals, her mission is to help people create clarity in their lives and connect with their hearts.

Throughout her time teaching yoga for over 6 years, she has taught in several studios throughout Canada and at festivals such as: Prairie Love, Snowflake, I AM, and Camp Yoga. She has designed and taught both yoga and meditation at treatment centers, schools and summer camps. In 2013 Ashley launched the first floating yoga studio in Manitoba, Wild Path. Wild Path now entering it's fourth summer combines nature, yoga, meditation, and coaching, truly connecting people to the earth and themselves.

Ash is happiest when connecting with others and learning about their hopes, dreams and big goals. She loves exploring and believes in the beauty of leaving your comfort zone, growing and creating space to live your dreams. Her coaching style is one of honest conversations and connecting to your most courageous self.

Loving yourself. Staying true to your values. Honouring your individuality. Openness to change. These are some of the values that Ash holds dearly and attempts to live them daily. Ash acknowledges that we all face unique daily challenges and therefore there isn't a prepackaged answer, instead there are many ways to arrive at a solution. This perspective is a valuable asset to Ash as she continues on her journey and helps you along yours.